Crazy train

Act I: All Aboard

All Aboard

The heroes uncover a syndicate plan to smuggle alcohol via train and decides to interfere. their CO informs them that a inquisitor wishes to help them an will meet them on the train. The heores head to the train but the tickets are sold out so two of them distract the porters while the rest follow a man and commandeer his tickets.

Once on the train they go to meet with their contact only to find that he does not appear. they meet a man dressed as a Mediterranean pirate and when one of them notices a flashing light in the distance the pirate warns them of the legend of the shadowy demon that chases trains and devourers the passengers. A lady across the way laughs at him and dismiss the lights as swamp gas.

The bartender finally recognizes one of them from a description he revived from the inquisitor, and hands him a message that was left for them. The inquisitor informs them that there have been new developments and that there is more going on here then they know. He asks them to wait for word from him before proceeding, and grants them access to a trunk in his room with resources.

As they are passing through the dining car on their way back to the lounge car from the inquisitors room a group of men dressed in white priests robs bursts in wielding weapons. As the heroes are about to react another group of armed men in black alchemists robes enter from the other side of the car. The heroes wait it out as the two parties shoot at each other and the black robes are driven back.

The white robes remove their hoods reveling they are orcs. One of the orcs starts to search and rob the passengers and another yells at him, letting slip that they are here for the syndicates liquor. The orc searching the passengers notices one of the heroes are armed but they take him out before he can say anything. The other white robes notice however, and attack the heroes.

The heroes manage to easily defeat the orcs, and capture one of them along with one of the black robes whom had been wounded and left behind. They learn that the orcs are part of the orc mafia and that they have a plan to steal the liquor. There would also be more of them coming to back up the few who were now left. They also learn that the black robes are cultists of Huey Laforet. The captive swallows a suicide pill before they can get more out of him.

Two passengers burst into the room from the direction of the lounge car. they tell the heroes that the black robes have taken the lounge car hostage. They were only able to escape because a man dressed like a pirate distracted the terrorists so they could slip away.

The heroes resolve to take back the car and free the hostages. Two of the heroes deftly maneuver to the top of the train and take out the men who have been positioned on the roof. This allows the rest of the group to move into the train without the threat of being attacked from above. the remaining heroes use a combination of misdirection and force to demoralize and overpower the cultists inside the car. Those who were not taken out surrender to the heroes.

The two on top of the car start to head in but one of them gets a sensation as from nails on a chalkboard and notices a small shadowy figure moving around in his peripheral. When he looks the figure is gone but he catches a glimpse of glowing yellow eyes and is certain there was something there.

Meanwhile inside the car the lights flicker out. One of the black robes uses the opportunity to flee but not a moment after he exits the car he reverses back in, screaming and firing his crossbow into the darkness. A large shadowy mass of arms and yellow eyes enters the car clinging to the walls. The shadowy figure grabs the cultists by his crossbow and then by his arms and pulls him out into the darkness screaming. Any who investigated see nothing outside after the event. The backup system kicks in and the lights flicker back on with a dim radiance.

The heroes remove the remaining cultists suicide pills and interrogate them, though they also have no clue what the shadowy figure was. What they do reveal is that their plan is to take the train and passengers hostage with their leaders freedom as ransom. They are also looking for Chanselor Eddard Elric, whom is aboard the train and would be able to validate their claims and passably even order the release himself. Finlay they learn that several of their strongest members are still on the train located in the rear storage car.



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