Crazy train

Act II: On The Right Track

Act II: On The Right Track

After securing the dining car the heroes are deciding what to do next as they hear a tinny voice coming from the wall. They find a cone shaped brass megaphone attached to an echo tube. The opening is blocked making it difficult to make out the words but they are able to open it with the skeleton key they received earlier.

They hear a few remaining orc mafioso talking about how someone took out all of their guys as well as strange figures crawling along the outside of the train. Again they reference the fact that they have back up coming and resolve to wait for them to arrive. The heroes go and find these remaining white robe orcs and learn that the back up will be boarding as the train is moving and where they will be getting on.

The heroes head to the car where the orcs are supposed to board and take up posision: three on the roof and two inside. While on the roof the three notice the large shadowy figure from earlier and decide to sneak up on it. Getting closer reveals that it is not one figure but several in a close huddle. They are small and gruesome and appear to be tearing apart a ventilation duct. The heroes decide to be proactive and clear the creatures away from the car before their enemies arrive.

When attacked the creatures spread out and retaliate. No longer huddled together, one of the heroes recognizes the creatures as gremlins from train superstition. The heroes exterminate the infestation, taking only minimal damage.

It is only a moment after they have dropped the last of the creatures that a bright beam of light floods over them. To the right of their train another locomotive is hurtling on an intersecting vector. They have only moments to recover and prepare as the other track merges with the one parallel to their own, bringing the other train along their right side.

They all converge on the top of the car and as the enemy train pulls up they notice 6 orcs stationed on its roof. one of the more knowledgeable heroes was able to identify 4 of the orcs as The 4 Hammers. The heroes quickly loose projectiles at the orcs the moment before they pull alongside. The orcs try to board the train but the heroes fight them back taking them out one by one.



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