Crazy train

Act III: End of the Line

"Cops of the law!"

After clearing out the second train the heroes returned to the original train and turned their attention back to dealing with The Syndicate smugglers located in its rear cars.

As soon as the crossed back they encounter the man dressed like a pirate from the lounge car earlier. He tried to great them but he was tackled and put in shackles. He wined a bit but agreed to cooperate with them since he could tell they would be able to take care of the villains. He had slipped out when the lounge car was taken and had since been sneaking around trying to figure out what is going on. He had seen the inquisitor agent who left them the note earlier get grabed by the syndicate in the rear cars. He also saw a scuffle between the black robed cultists of Huey Laforet and the syndicate, which ended in them reconsiling and teaming up. Finlay he heard the name of one of the syndicate members: Malachi Miser.

The group knew Miser as a briliant alchemist working on alchemical weapons for the syndicate including deadly chemicals and chimeric beasts. They also knew that he was working on the Magnum Opus a endever to create one of three substances: The Philosophers Stone; The Grand Panacia, and the Alkehest.

The heroes discuss these revelations and their prisoner warns them that they may want to get town, motioning to their rear. They turn to see a tunnel coming up on the track and turn back to find that the would be pirate has slipped his cuffs and quickly suck off.

The heroes head back to the end of the train where they find a make shift alchemy lab in the private car. There are a number of bizzare substances and several chests containing homunculus. In the next room they hear angry voices. They use special nails to seal the doors of the cars before confronting the men in the next room. They easily defeat the men and find the inquisitor agent in the next room. He tells them that when the syndicate learned from the cultists that Chancellor Elric was on board they made a deal to work together to capture him.

The heroes read a letter they found referring to the chancellor and discover that he had long ago created the panacea and that he and Miser had both sampled it. To their surprise it granted them extreme longevity and regenerative powers. They argued over how to use this technology and became enemies.

With this knowledge revealed the Agent decides not to hide any more from them. He tells them that the chancellor had discovered the second magnum opus, the Alkahest. Miser has been researching it as well but without success. Besides being a generality powerful weapon it is the only substance that can kill one who has drank the panacea. He brought it along to kill Miser but now Miser has gone to surprise him and steal the substance for himself.

The heroes head out to see what is in the next car down before chasing after Miser. They find that they have exited the tunnel and are now riding high above a hugely expansive ravine. They see and hear several syndicate men on the roofs. They chase them to the roof but the men retaliate by releasing a huge Chimera.

The heroes hear the men yell that “they found him” but they are to involved in this fight to worry about that. They use crafty maneuvering to surround the chimera despite it taking up the whole with of the roof and gain an advantage that gives them a chance. Finlay the heroes defeat the men and their beast Knocking many of the men and the now dead chimera down in the the canyon below.

barely a moment after they defeat their foes there is an explosion several cars ahead of them. They see two men fighting on top of the train using explosives and other grand means. they race over to find a dwarf and a tall blond man whom they are able to identify as miser and the chancellor respectively. Miser has knocked the other down and grabs a vial from his person, holding it up in victory.

The heroes attack the dwarf coating him in fire from a thrown lantern. He stands and faces them unshaped by the pain of the flames. They taunt and attack him knocking him on his back but he endures. The chancellor chokes out some words saying they need to find a way to use the vial of Alkahest to stop him for good. In a coordinated attack the heroes again assaulted the dwarf, this time causing him to fall forward to break the vial as he lands on his hands. The substance inside the vial coats his hand and quickly eat it away followed by his arm, shoulder and whole body. His flesh dissolves into a green luminescent liquid that falls to his feat and dissolves a hole in the roof and the train floor below it, all the way down to the canyon floor.

The chancellors commends the heroes and promises them future favor. They head back to the second train and take control from the lone orc conductor. The conductor reveals that their plan was to decouple the rear cars right before a track switch and then switch their train to that track and link it up with the cars that were left behind. The heroes agree that this was a good enough plan and go through with it themselves, thus commandeering the stolen train and illegal alcohol.

As they go to decouple the rear cars they catch one last glimpse of the mane in pirate garb carrying a large fully stuffed sack. He runs along the roof of the last car and jumps off the rear, spilling pearl necklaces, watches and other valuable from his bag as he goes. from there they witness him speed down the track in the other direction on a had cart being worked by two huge men also dressed in odd attire.

The next day the news reports speak of the mysterious occurrences aboard the train that left a trail of dead bodies stretching over a hundred miles along the track.



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