Huey Laforet

The leader of a esoteric cult



Huey is a thin pail half-elf male. He has shaggy brown hair and narrow yellow eyes. He has poor posture and bizarre facial expressions.


Huey is known to be a very private person. His ego is large but even he did not ask for his cult of followers. He is reported to be a man of many eccentricities.


Not much is know about Huey’s early life. When he first gained notoriety he was working as an alchemist doing seemingly amazing work. He kept himself secluded, however, and much of his research was secret. Those who did know him said he had some odd habits that they prefer not to mention.

There were many fantastical rumors about the eccentric alchemist, and after a few years a small group of deranged individuals started to view him as some sort of messiah. Even he ignored them at first, but eventually their worship and praise grew to appeal to his ego and he accepted their devotion.

As the cult slowly grew Huey made outlandish promises of wealth, power, and prosperity. His worshipers grew to believe him a supernatural being with magic powers such as omniscience and immortally, and if they served him faithfully he would share these gifts with them.

This went on for a few decades before the government decided to step in an put a stop to it. Chancellor Eddard Elric ordered a writ of arrest for Huey and went personally to see it thorough. After a few months of searching Huey was found and eventually arrested and brought before the royal council. At Chancellor Elric’s insistence he was imprisoned in a tower for an indefinite period of time. This is where he currently resides.

Huey Laforet

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