Malcolm Von Hohenheim

A surreptitious member of the Fraternal Brotherhood of Inquisitors



Malcolm is a young human male with slick back hair hanging over his right eye and a narrow chiseled jaw. He wears fine clothes and a high quality wrist watch.


Malcolm likes Golf, gambling, and expensive vintage made carriages. He is a suave womanizer and has a quick wit. He shirks authority but often gets a pass due to his undeniable results.

Alchemical Skills

Malcolm is also an accomplished alchemist as many inquisitors are. Before his father died he had taught Malcolm much about alchemy, humorism, and hypnotism, and when he joined the brotherhood he was given access to a wealth of resources to expand his knowledge. However, Unlike his father, He never achieved greatness in these fields. He was always more suited for field work and practical applications of these sciences.


Work As an Inquisitor

Malcolm entered the Fraternal Brotherhood of Inquisitors at a young age as a legacy. His father, Bernard Philippus Von Hohenheim, was one of the founding members of the clandestine order. Unfortunately Bernard died in a lab accident shortly before Malcolm was old enough to enter the brotherhood. When he did finally join he dedicated himself to achieving greatness to honor his fathers memory. He resolved to do this of his own merit and refused favor as a legacy as well as aid from his fathers long time friend, Chancellor Eddard Elric.

So far he has managed to rise in rank at a steady pace and is currently in a low level command position. After Chancellor Elric passed the law to prohibit alcohol, Malcolm used his position to take on the task of enforcing the ban. As organized crime arose, he shifted his focus towards thwarting all of their villainy.

Current Activity

Malcolm is currently working on shutting down the organized crime organization known as the syndicate. While he was scoping them out, a group of vigilante watchmen found out about a huge shipment of alcohol being sent by the syndicate via train and planed to disrupt it. Their CO informed him of this discovery and he agreed to lend his help with the operation.

He arrived early to scope out the situation. He watched, impressed, as the watchmen arrived and connived their way onto the train by distracting the porters and commandeering the tickets they needed.

He boarded the train to await the meeting with the watchmen, but before he could speak with them he discovered certain developments that required his attention. He heard good things about the group, which were confirmed by their smooth operation on the platform, so he decided they could still be of help.

He left them a message informing them that there was more going on here then a simple smuggling operation. he had to go investigate a bit but he would contact them soon so they should wait for further word from him before proceeding. He also granted them access to the chest in his room where he had left some resources for them.

At this time he does not appear to have returned from his investigation though it has been fairly long since his left.

Malcolm Von Hohenheim

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