The Gliding Cats Paw

As Advertised

The Gliding Cats Paw is a luxury class passenger train. It is full of ornate decor and offers all of the modern comforts including mechanical air vents, gas line fueled lighting fixtures, and heating units.


The train’s standard layout includes 8 train cars. From front to back the cars include a forward storage car, 2 sleeper cars, a dining car, a lounge car, 2 coach cars, and a second storage car in the rear. Additional cars can be added on to fit custom needs.

Information For Staff

The train includes an echo tube communication system for use by the staff. It also includes a mechanism for retrieving catch pouches from mail cranes. The cars are coupled together using knuckle couplers that require a special device to undo. The cargo holds each have a lift system installed for raising large objects to be removed by crane.

Current Status

The Gliding Cats Paw is currently on an overnight express trip from East City to Central City. The full trip will take about 8 hours. It is only known to a few but the train is also currently being used by The Syndicate to transport liquor from one city to another. This has lead to a grand fiasco involving the collision of several groups each with their own agendas.

The Gliding Cats Paw

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